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Cub World at Scouters' Mountain is a resident camp, which means that the boys and their leaders stay at camp for 2 nights and three days. Scouts stay in the fort, boxcars or teepee village while adults stay close in large, framed two-person tents (provided). Everyone eats together in the camp dining hall (Golda's Kitchen), and all participate in a week-long program of Scouting fun and adventure.

Ages and Stages:
Cub Scout camps offered by Cascade Pacific Council are planned to serve specific ages so that boys progress from camp to camp as they grow and their interests change. This progression also gives them a variety of camp experiences from summer to summer.

Day Camps operate on a five-year rotation of themes so a boy could attend five years in a row (if he were unable to attend resident camp), and have a different experience each year.

Cub World operates on a two-year theme cycle as many Cub Scouts attend Cub World twice before they move on to Gilbert Ranch.

First Year Webelos attend Gilbert Ranch, which has the same program each year, then move to Adventure Cove as Second-Year Webelos. Boys must be Webelos to attend Gilbert Ranch and Adventure Cove, as these camps are specifically designed for these age groups and physical abilities.

Adventure Cove gives the Second-Year Webelos a full week (five night) camping experience which helps get them ready to join Boy Scouts the following year, and the program is designed to help the Second-Year Webelos start learning basic Scouting skills in preparation for the Boy Scout program.

Age/Grade Camps
summer after Kindegarten (new Tigers) (Kindegarten boys can join Cub Scouts as a Tiger in June) Day Camp recommended; could also attend Cub World
summer after 1st Grade (new Wolfs) Day Camp or Cub World recommended
summer after 2nd Grade (new Bears) Cub World recommended, could also attend day camp
summer after 3rd Grade (1st Year Webelos) Gilbert Ranch recommended; could also attend Cub World. Gilbert Ranch is programmed for this specific age group; boys must be Webelos to attend Gilbert Ranch.
summer after 4th Grade (2nd Year Webelos) - the summer before the boy becomes a Boy Scout
Adventure Cove recommended; could also attend Cub World or Gilbert Ranch. Adventure Cove is programmed for this specific age group; boys must be Webelos to attend Adventure Cove.
New Boy Scout (first summer after cross-over in spring of his 5th grade school year) Boy Scout Camp at Baldwin, Meriwether, or Pioneer. Each has Trail-To-First Class program to help the new Scout work on basic Scout skills and progress in the first few ranks of Boy Scouting. boys must be Boy Scouts to attend Boy Scout camp.


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